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Cardiac pulmonary edema, also known as congestive heart failure, occurs when the diseased or overworked left ventricle isn't able to pump out enough of the blood it receives from your lungs. As a result, pressure increases inside the left atrium and then in the pulmonary veins and capillaries, causing fluid to be pushed through the capillary walls into the air sacs...

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The lungs contain numerous small, elastic air sacs called alveoli. With each breath, these air sacs take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Normally, the exchange of gases takes place without problems. But in certain circumstances, the alveoli fill with fluid instead of air, preventing oxygen from being absorbed into your bloodstream.

A number of things can cause fluid to accumulate in the lungs, but most have to do with your heart (cardiac pulmonary edema).

Congestive heart failure can also occur when the right ventricle is unable to overcome increased pressure in the pulmonary artery, which usually results from left heart failure, chronic lung disease, lung infections or high blood pressure in the pulmonary artery. Other heart issues that can cause Cardiac Pulmonary Edema are Coronary artery disease, Cardiomyopathy and heart valve problems.

Signs of congestive heart failure;

  • Labored breathing
  • Wheezing
  • May not want to lay down
  • Prefers to not lay on their side
  • Increased respiratory rate
  • Heart murmur or arrhythmia

McDowells Products

Heart Fluid Mix
The Heart Fluid mix improves fluid elimination using dandelion and rosehips, which are natural diuretics. Herbal Diuretics are able to drain fluids without being harsh on the kidney and liver as they have a co-supportive factor for the health of the organ. Unlike chemical diuretics which strip the body of fluid and don't support the corresponding organs, herbal diuretics reduce fluid while nourishing the supporting organs.
The sodium/potassium balance is important for the health of the heart and lungs. If there is two much sodium, fluid can build up. If there is to much potassium it can create arrhythmia. The celery and juniper helps to balance the sodium/potassium pump in the cells and help prevent fluid build up and regulate the heart beat.
 The Yarrow, Mullien and Elecampane are all herbs that help improve lung capacityand the overall function of the lungs.

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