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We noticed that our 13 year old Jack Russell terrier, Harry, was not himself. In the past, his idea of a good walk was to rush everywhere, investigating everything. A short human walk would mean 3 or 4 times the distance for Harry. Then, we saw that he would quickly lose interest and simply plod along. We also noticed that he seemed to be wheezing a great deal.

A check by the vet revealed considerable fluid on his lungs as a result of 'old dog' heart problems. The first attempt at medication resulted in a slight improvement in his energy levels, but a huge output of urine. We had to be really quick to make sure poor Harry made the door when the 'urge' hit him.

We realised that his medication was not actually doing anything for his heart - it was simply trying to get the fluid out of his body. So after earlier successful uses of herbal treatments for other animals, we decided to try the McDowells Heart Tonic. Harry loved his twice daily doses - and perked up considerably - but was still wheezing. They suggested that we try Heart Repair Tonic instead.

After only 2 weeks on the tonic, Harry is like a new dog. His eyes are bright and he is full of energy. Walks to collect the mail now involve a brisk trot up the driveway, followed by busy sniffing about to make sure he hasn't missed something. He wants to spend a lot of time exploring our large garden - whereas before, he would simply sit on the verandah watching the other dogs. Now he also wants to play with them as well. If we allowed him to eat what he thinks he should have, he would quickly turn into a little football.

The turnaround in Harry's condition is quite extraordinary. It's wonderful to have our little energy ball back. Andf what makes things better - we had been warned by the vet that the most effective drugs for Harry's condition were very expensive. Heart Repair Tonic is very cost effective - with no side effects.
Harry knows it's good for him - and lines up for his doses.


Anne and Lesley, Tasmania

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