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Muscle Conditions

There is a long tradition amongst herbalists in making up their own healing liniments and I am no different.

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There are different types of Hernia

Hiatal Hernia - a protusion of a portion of the stomach from its normal position in the abdomen throught the diaphragm.

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Muscle wastage following the immobilisation of a limb in a cast is a common case. However wastage following nerve damage, stroke or even prolonged bed rest, following a serious illness or surgery, can leave one with a loss of muscle tone or bulk, which must then be re-built.

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Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disease that cause episodes of muscular weakness due to abnormal functioning of the neuromuscular junction. The immune system produces antibodies that attack the receptors that receive nerve signals. The disease more often occurs in women and begins during the years 20-40 years.

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Night time cramping is a sudden, painful, usually brief contraction of a group of shortened muscles.
Cramps may be caused by an inadequate blood supply to the muscle such as in after eating or after vigorous exercise that produces the waste product lactic acid and results in a loss of fluids and electrolytes.

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All training involves stressing the cardiovascular system as well muscles and ligaments.

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Restless legs are normally either;

  1. Lack of circulation in the leg muscles which result in them twitching during the night in order to stimulate more blood flow.
  2. Nerve supply problems normally originating from tension or damage to the lower back which compromises the health of the bundle of nerves which travels from there out through the sciatic notch and down into the legs.
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Roll On Athletes Oil - Ideal to keep in your pocket, handbag or car. Only $6.50!

McDowell's Herbal Athlete's Oil is formulated specifically to increase flexibility of ligaments and the range of movement in joints. Athletes Oil also helps to reduce inflammation (after injury) and can be used to prevent injury to muscles, ligaments and joints, particularly where they are regularly subject to heavy loads.

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I formulated this linament oil especially to assist in gaining increased flexibility of our ligaments and the range of movement of our joints.

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