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Herbal Supports for Equine (Horse) Cancer


Note: Maritime Pine Antioxidant given separately is an essential part of this treatment program.

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Note: Maritime Pine Antioxidant given separately is an essential part of this treatment program.

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Lymphoma, also called Lymphosarcoma or pseudo-Hodgkinson Disease is becoming endemic in companion dogs nowadays and I have to say I believe it is almost completely a man made problem. In the case of dogs the rise has been spectacular over recent years with Lymphoma showing up as one of the two most dramatic, along with Osteosarcoma.

To date I have heard of very few equine cases this says to me that our polluted feeds and indiscriminate use of unnatural supplements and the rest, is now loading up the lymphatic system in horses just as we have been doing in humans for the past 60 years and in dogs for the past 20 years.

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Maritime Pine Bark Extract is my primary immune system tonic for all my equine cancer patients for it is due to failings within the fundamental levels of the immune system that cause all cancerous processes to get started.

My standard approach to all cancers involve using the Pine Bark alongside a specific cancer support formulation directed at the particulars of each type of cancer.

For horses I recommend 20 drops twice daily as the standard dose when taken as a supplement.
Most owners purchase the;

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Melanoma Ointment

We are sucessfully treating Melanoma topically with an extract of Elecampane, Equisetum, Thuja, Worm Wood and Maritime Pine, with the added Bach Flowers of Honeysuckle and Rescue Remedy, mixed into an ointment base.

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Note: Maritime Pine Antioxidant and my standard Tendon and Bone Healing program are given in addition and are an essential part of this treatment program.

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Simply speaking, cancer occurs when one of the most fundamental tasks of the human body , the immune system is not functioning.

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SCC often appears as a tumor or ulcer on the skin. SCC can be differentiated from less serious conditions by its irritated or bleeding appearance. It is commonly found around the eye or in the eye itself, on the prepuce or penis and around the vulva.

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Equine cancer other than Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma are very rare still, but following the human and canine experience, it can only be a matter of time before more and more internal cancers start to become much more common.

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