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Note: Maritime Pine Antioxidant and my standard Tendon and Bone Healing program are given in addition and are an essential part of this treatment program.

Osteosarcoma (or Bone Cancers) are beginning to appear in horses following the increasing trend in dogs where this cancer is now prolific.

In dogs , bone cancers appear to result from a serious distortion in feeding patterns and a lack of the correct balance of minerals for healthy bone growth and maintenance. The correct balance is normally found in nature when dogs eat bones as a major part of their diet.

It is a little harder to see the cause of Bone Cancers in horses but it will be tied up in the lack of highly mineralsed fibrous feeds found in a natural variety of grasses and an imbalance of other minerals and trace elements esential to healthy bone growth.

Horses are increasingly subject to chemical overloads deriving from the pollution of feed by herbicides and pesticides. This, along with the fact that their digestive systems which were meant to be full continually as they graze pasture most of the day, is now being exposed to concentrated comercial feed and supplements and a lack of variety of natural feeds caused by our 'improved' pasture farming practices. Improved that is to look better and to provide more commercially viable hay rather than improved nutritionally.

My Osteosarcoma Cancer Support formulation is given with my Tendon and Bone Healing program and contains the following herbal tonics; Bladderack, Hawthorne, Elecampane, Wormwood, Violet Leaves, Yarrow, Equisetum, Buchu, and Thuja along with a variety of Bach Flower Remedies. A 60 drop dose of this mix is given diluted and mixed with 60 drops of Maritime Pine Extract. This is all mixed into the Tendon and Bone Repair supplement and given twice daily.

This powerful  Herbal Health Support program , coupled with rehabilitative exercise programs and free range grazing on healthy natural feed or the provision of healthy meadow hay, will provide the horses imune system with the boost needed to help them fight this nasty cancer.



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