Facial or Sinus Bones Cancer Support - McDowell's Herbal Treatments


Note: Maritime Pine Antioxidant given separately is an essential part of this treatment program.

The first of the internal cancers I have been predicting would follow the increase of Melanoma and Carcinoma in horses, seems to be a cancer affecting the facial bones of the horses sinuses.

The symptoms of this cancer are often mistaken for allergy or infection and indeed the cancer may proceed from a breakdown in immunity following a chronic allergy or infection situation.

In the end, the facial bones are involved and begin to break down with the progress of the cancer which is accompanied often by noxious discharge and infection.

I use the following herbs in combination. Maritime Pine Bark given separately,  with a mix containing Equisetum, Elecampane, Wormood, Fenugreek, Echinacaea, Euphorbia, Yarrow, Horse Radish, Violet Leaves, and Red Clover.

In addition to the herbal extract mix I recommend that the herbs Rosehips, Garlic and Fenugreek also be given as feed supplements; as a herbal tea in the case of Rosehips, softened by soaking in the case of Fenugreek and fresh or extracted into Molasses in the case of Garlic.

I expect positive results to show up, particularly  in terms of improved vitality,  within the first four to eight weeks of having your horse on this program and ask that you keep in touch with regular progress reports, once they start.

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