Brumby Challenge - McDowell's Herbal Treatments

This year we will be major sponsors at Equitana supporting the Brumby Challenge . I will also be a key note speaker discussing the benefits of using 100% natural feeds and herbs in the day to day management of the horse, so keep an eye out over the coming months for details as this is the first time that Herbs for our Equines have been promoted in such a prominent way in Australia!
I will be excited to talk about the over all benefits of herbal medicine not only in day-to-day management strategies but to also discuss the environmental and dietary impacts that we are now seeing in the practice. Hormonal imbalances in both mares, stallions and geldings is manifesting as metabolic syndrome, obesity, laminitis, estrogen dominance and behaviour problems. Herbs and natural feeds are the only way that we can intervene at this level of endocrine disruption the likes of which is also being observed in humans.

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