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Equine cancer other than Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma are very rare still, but following the human and canine experience, it can only be a matter of time before more and more internal cancers start to become much more common.

The thyroid is involved in regulating the speed of the entire metabolism . The thyroid consists of small glands on each side of the throat and receives "instructions" from the Pituitary Gland above and feedback from all the glands comprising the metabolism. The signals it sends back to the metabolism serves to regulate the speed of all these systems.

Thyroid Cancer can take any of  four (4)  different forms,  but Papillary cancer is the most commonly occurring one.

It usually takes the form of many nodules forming on the thyroid . However most thyroid nodules are not cancerous. Thyroid cancers have an inability to take up iodine and produce thyroid hormone, though rarely they will have the effect of producing enough thyroid hormone to cause hyperthyroidism. A painless lump in the neck is usually the first sign of a cancer. Vets will then undertake tests to determine if it is a functioning part of the thyroid or not and if it is solid or fluid filled.

My mix includes Elecampane, Wormwood, Blue Flag, Kelp, Chamomile, Thuja, Fennugreek, Garlic, Hawthorn, and Rosehips as well as the Bach Flowers Scleranthus, Wild Rose, Olive and Water Violet.

The physical reasons behind thyroid imbalance is most often a lack of trace elements.
Horses are increas ingly subject to chemical overloads deriving from the pollution of feed by herbicides and pesticides. This, along with the fact that their digestive systems which were meant to be full continually as they graze pasture most of the day, is now being exposed to concentrated commercial feed and supplements and a lack of variety of natural feeds caused by our 'improved' pasture farming practices. "Improved" that is to look better and to provide more commercially viable hay rather than improved nutritionally.

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