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Lymphoma, also called Lymphosarcoma or pseudo-Hodgkinson Disease is becoming endemic in companion dogs nowadays and I have to say I believe it is almost completely a man made problem. In the case of dogs the rise has been spectacular over recent years with Lymphoma showing up as one of the two most dramatic, along with Osteosarcoma.

To date I have heard of very few equine cases this says to me that our polluted feeds and indiscriminate use of unnatural supplements and the rest, is now loading up the lymphatic system in horses just as we have been doing in humans for the past 60 years and in dogs for the past 20 years.

Underlying the development of all cancers is a generalised breakdown of metabolic and immune systems and the bodily processes involved in cell health maintenance.

Horse livers are more and more being called on to digest far too much chemically polluted and processed food since the advent of commercial available horse feeds and supplements.

I see Lymphoma and Lymphosarcoma as the end result of a systemic and prolonged overload on the lymphatic system, the blood and the immune sytem in general, which may never have appeared without late 20th century feeding practices.

I recommend you cease all commercial feeds and supplements. Give whole grains, dried feed preferably meadow hay rather than only commercially grown (fertilised and sprayed) feed like Alfalfa (although this may be difficult) and green pick. This regime will allow their lymphatic systems to clear toxins from their bodies.

The people who approach me for Lymphatic Cancer Support treatments are often the most caring of owners and many of them have been trying to do the right thing by their animals.

Lymphoma, occurs in several forms and affects different parts of the body. Lymph glands in the neck commonly enlarge and cause difficulty swallowing or even snoring. When the lymphoid tissue of the small intestine is attacked then there can be vomitting and diarrhoea sometimes with blood and weight loss. When lymph nodes of the chest are targetted then there can be an increased heart rate and coughing.

With Equine Lymphoma I prepare a specific  Support mixture of concentrated herbal extracts of:  Bladderack, Elecampane, wormwood, Dandelion, Fenugreek, Garlic, Yarrow, Equisetum, Buchu, Golden Seal, Thuja and Violet Leaves, along with Oak, Olive, Water Violet and Crab Apple from the Bach Flower Remedies.

These concentrated extracts can  be diluted into water.  This water can then be used to dampen feed or mash with,  as these concentrated herbs are far too strong to be given directly by mouth to a horse.

I also strongly recommend my Super Antioxidant which is derived from the Bark of the Maritime Pine Tree. The trees are grown and processed locally. 

Together these two products (Equine Lymphoma Support and Maritime Pine Bark extract) have been used by Horse owners, both here and overseas ,  to boost and support the health of their animal as they fight  this nasty Cancer. 

The Cancer Support mix can be used in conjunction with other alternative medicines  or with orthodox medical treatments including radio and chemo therapy, but we strongly encourage owners to honestly disclose these details to all stakeholders.

I expect positive results to show up in terms of reduced swelling and improved vitality within the first four to eight weeks of having your horse on this program and ask that you keep in touch with regular progress reports, once they are on the program.

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