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Maritime Pine Bark Extract is my primary immune system tonic for all my equine cancer patients for it is due to failings within the fundamental levels of the immune system that cause all cancerous processes to get started.

My standard approach to all cancers involve using the Pine Bark alongside a specific cancer support formulation directed at the particulars of each type of cancer.

For horses I recommend 20 drops twice daily as the standard dose when taken as a supplement.
Most owners purchase the;

100 ml Blend, Dose 20 - 40 drops twice daily as directed: $85
200 ml Blend, Dose 20 - 40 drops twice daily as directed: $150

For Equine cancer cases we normally recommend starting for the first month at double the supplement dose rate to give an initial boost to the free radical management in the horses body before reducing back to the supplement dose.

Maritime Pine Bark is a specialist antioxidant that is nearly 25 times more powerful than Vitamin C and as such clears free radicals generated by a strenuous workout at a phenomenal rate. 

Robert McDowell - Herbalist

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