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Muscle wastage following the immobilisation of a limb in a cast is a common case. However wastage following nerve damage, stroke or even prolonged bed rest, following a serious illness or surgery, can leave one with a loss of muscle tone or bulk, which must then be re-built.

In young healthy and active people, this rebuilding occurs pretty much spontaneously when the person has their plaster off and takes up their previous level of activity or sport.

However, for athletes who need to get back into peak shape as early as possible or older folk who find it a great deal harder to build themselves up again after accident, or illness there are particular herbs, which assist in the process.

In any individual case of illness or accident I would treat the recovery of the particular patient with specific herbal formulations. However, if a part of the problem is the muscle wastage resulting from any situation a combination of the herbs; Mugwort, Equisetum, Hawthorne, Rosehips, Nettle, Rue, Elecampane, Parsley and Saw Palmetto along with the Bach Flower Remedies Olive, Gorse and Oak will speed up such rehabilitation dramatically.

A course of three to five months of these herbs along with a progressive training program combining aerobic exercise, stretching and weights will rapidly bring muscle bulk, circulation and nerve supply back to complete recovery.

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