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All training involves stressing the cardiovascular system as well muscles and ligaments.

We all know the feeling of soreness, which follows any get fit start-up, or even any unaccustomed muscular exercise. Much of this soreness is actual damage, at a micro level, to blood vessels and other tissues and this abates as one becomes fitter and the body more accustomed to the work involved.

Elite athletes can also overtrain, which is a situation where the wear and tear as well as the immune system cannot recover between training sessions. A very high level of athletic performance always treads a very fine line between overtraining and sufficient training.

Damage to tiny blood vessels and connective tissue within muscles and even stress or microfractures in bones, may be healed much more speedily by exposing the individual to simple healing herbs.

The ones I include in my Overtraining Mix include the following; Rosehips, Maritime Pine, Equisetum, Nettle, Rue, Elecampane and Saw Palmetto.

A course of three months for anyone taking up a new strenuous sport will assist dramatically in your build-up of fitness.

For an elite athlete, in a sport involving a great deal of muscular and ligament fitness, this herbal supplement will allow higher levels of training to be programmed with less risk of burnout or damage due to over training.

Athletes Oil

Yoga Oil

Restless Leg Syndrome

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