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Restless legs are normally either;

  1. Lack of circulation in the leg muscles which result in them twitching during the night in order to stimulate more blood flow.
  2. Nerve supply problems normally originating from tension or damage to the lower back which compromises the health of the bundle of nerves which travels from there out through the sciatic notch and down into the legs.

Often there is a combination of both these things.

You should use massage and hot packs on the lower back and any deep heating massage oil containing at least wintergreen and rosemary oils, massaged into the leg muscles and lower back.

Cypress and Lemon Grass essential oil massage is a great supportive approach as well, and this will stimulate the circulation and reduce tension, improving the nerve signals as well.

As a herbalist, I provide a herbal formulation which, taken internally which will both improve the circulation, reduce the muscle tension and heal up the myelin sheath surrounding the nerve fibres travelling down the legs.

The mix includes:- Valerian, Mugwort, Hypericum, Nettle, Rue and Prickly Ash along with the Bach Flowers Vine and Oak and a 100ml Blend of this mix will last around 6 weeks at 20 drops three times daily. Within the first six weeks, and with the other suggestions about massage and supplements, you should notice a significant improvement in your restless legs.

This program should be continued for three or four months after all symptoms have gone and has the potential of completely reversing the problem of Restless Legs.

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