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The dog's digestive system was probably always sensitive and originally reacted to something in the diet, probably a chemical or preservative. The process of inflammation then made the system even more reactive and the weakening that took place created the ideal host for an infection which thrives in such conditions...

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The waste products of infection are now building up in the blood and tissue surrounding the bowel and the situation will progress with more and more antibiotics and steroids hoping to hold the symptoms at bay while the system heals itself. 

When treating this condition from a herbal point of view, we need to settle the metabolic disturbance that has resulted in an inflammation in the walls of the bowel and most likely also within the pelvic cavity itself.

McDowells recommendations

The way out is to treat the dog for the underlying causes and the current symptoms together. This would involve the following program;

Put the dog on a convalescent diet consisting of only 5 meals per week and each of them is nothing more than raw meat and bones, preferably with the meat still on the bone to reduce the speed at which she eats.
This should be fed out in the yard to give her an opportunity to leave them around to ripen (so that they will be able to supply her with the appropriate gut flora) or to bury them (for the same reason).
The two fasting days are to give the digestive system a complete rest. No treats, no commercial dog food, nothing else. If she finds something to eat in the yard, be it weeds, cat's stools or whatever, let her have what she wants instinctively. 
Only by allowing her to fast and have an empty digestive system for most of the time can her system heal properly and clear the toxins that have built up.

McDowells products

The medical treatment is to provide a herbal mixture to support the revival of her whole system, the Conditioning Mix, which will be given twice daily mixed into a teaspoon of Dogestive. If she doesn't take to this, you could make up a quantity of rolled oat porridge, mix the Dogestive  and herbs into a small quantity of this and feed it to her before her bones in the morning and in the evening when she is already hungry again. The oats are soothing to the gut and will not aggravate her condition, but I don't want her on massive amounts, only a little to take the medicine in. 

To do the job properly, a blood cleansing treatment can assist the diet and fasting regime and clear the toxic build-up. 

This treatment is advertised for skin conditions, but it works by clearing toxins through the liver, kidney, blood and lymphatics, the systems that we need to support. 

More porridge can be introduced as her system picks up, but not for the first three weeks at least.

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