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Skin problems in dogs, cats and most other animals are most effectively treated by dealing with the internal conditions which predispose a particular animal to a sensitive or unhealthy skin the first place.

Blood toxins resulting from chemicals in the diet, infection, over-sensitivity in the nervous system or some orther sort of metabolic stress, will set up conditions where such impurities are deposited just under the skin which then becomes locally unhealthy, sensitive and irritated.

This area becomes a focus of scratching behaviour and is also particularly attractive to insects. Often the itch is initiated by insect bites or mites and perpetuated by fungal infestation which then flourishes in an area of unhealthy and damaged skin.

This mix is essentially a blood cleanser and a support to over-sensitivty and it includes the herbs: Echinacea, Garlic, Horsetail, Nettle, Pine Bark, Red Clover and Violet Leaves as well as the Bach Flowers Crab Apple and Rescue Remedy.

It is best used in conjunction with the Skin Irritant Cream or Skin Healing cream which will protect and heal the damaged skin, once the internal conditions are addressed.

Dose: 5 to 10 drops for Tiny and Small Breeds; 10 to 20 drops for Medium and Large breeds. (Please use the "Ask A Question" link, to ensure you get the best Herbal Program or to check the correct dose for your dog!)

Skin Healing Cream

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