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The history you describe is an indication of an accumulating blood.

Toxicity problem, where the body stores toxins it is unable to clear from the blood under skin causing it to become itchy, reactive in an allergic way to substances and conditions which shouldn't bother it and otherwise uncomfortable.

I would therefore recommend the following treatments to cover all bases as resorting to steroids as you know is only stopgap and actually results in compounding the problem by increasing the load on the dogs metabolism, toxins in the system and a side effect of cortisone is a further weakening of the skin in any case.

  1. Canine Conditioning Mix to make sure all the systems within the metabolism are working smoothly and in harmony.
  2. Skin Allergy Mix which works as a blood cleanser and should reduce the irritation on the skin itself.

This program covers all aspects of the problem and the history to date and will insure against further problems while giving your dog the best shot at getting back to normal.

After one month the following results were noted:-

One month has elapsed with BJ on the two herbal treatments.

We have used about one-third of each bottle.


  • Scale and dry skin mostly vanished, most lumps gone on back and tummy, rash gone
  • Eating better, fully lively, sleeping more soundly, "nibbling" skin reduced.

We have allowed BJ to roll in grass, and prop on our lawn after mowing.

This seems to stimulate a tiny amount of irritation but nothing like before the treatment.

Assessment - statistically the improvement has to be 99.99% certain due to the herbal remedies. We are very pleased and impressed.

Skin Allergy Mix

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