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The stud dog in work has special requirements and it is important that he is healthy and keen in order to perform at his best and produce the most viable sperm.

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His emotional wellbeing is just as important as his physical and he should be kept in a situation which replicates as far as possible a natural one. This is to say he should be around bitches regularly and not isolated most of the time, except when he's expected to serve.

Physical health and well-being is best maintained by feeding your stud dog nothing much more than raw meat and bones. I dont know of any commercial dog food which I can recommend above plain and simple raw food and not too much of this either.

The mixture of herbs and homeopathic remedies I have chosen for this mix will support his interest and keep his sperm count levels high, improving his strike rate and longevity.

This mix includes, Bladderack, Blue Flag, Hawthorn, Pine Bark, Phytolacca, Rosehips and Vervain as well as the Bach Flowers Larch, Walnut and Wild Rose, these herbs support the Heart and Circulation, Endocrine and Immune systems.

Many of my stud dog owners keep their dogs on the mixture permanently, just as an ongoing supplement, and achieve consistency and longevity way above the average from their stud dogs.

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