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I am always pleased when Veterinary Surgeons, involved with cases which I am treating, express an interest in the herbs and approach I use.

This is as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the orthodox and holistic medical viewpoints, and I am always pleased to share with Veterinary Surgeons the contents and rationale behind my treatment formulations.

The Holistic Viewpoint:

A traditional or holistic therapist always operates by seeking to understand and treat the processes, which led to a condition of ill health manifesting itself within the body.

This implies the recognition that Cancer, or any other illness, will only appear if we allow it to. While one person when exposed to infection in a crowded room may catch the flu, others will not. So it is with cancer.

Cancer is not the inevitable result of a genetic inheritance, the breed of your dog or even diet or environmental problems in isolation.

Cancer is always the result of a number of such factors along with a blend of emotional and nervous system influences which together, result in fundamentals of the immune system, (what I call the bottom end of the immune system), being compromised.


Often Veterinary Surgeons are worried that the herbs I am prescribing can be contra-indicated when given with chemical medicines or other protocols. While it is true that there are a small number of herbs which can be poisonous or dangerous, there are however so many others with similar actions from which to choose, that there is absolutely no need to use dangerous ones.

In the particular Osteosarcoma Mix I am describing below, the herb Golden Seal was included as 2% of the mix because the bone cancer being treated was affecting the sinus cavities in this particular case. The contra indications for Golden Seal mostly revolve around its enormously high Vitamin A content, which can upset the liver in large doses.

Herbal Extracts:

Alcohol and water extracts of dried or fresh plant material are the traditional form of extracting, preserving and administering medical doses of herbs, in the West.

The 1:1 strength extracts, which I use in my preparations, are prepared by extracting around one litre of liquid extract from 1Kg of plant material.

The form of preparation and the exact concentration achieved, vary a little depending on the individual plant and whether or not it is extracted from fresh or dried herb. The individual composition and the characteristics of each particular herb will also have a bearing, both on the optimum alcohol to water ratio, and the achievable concentration.

I prepare many of my own herbal extracts, which I blend together in a bottle to make up each individual recipe.

Homeopathic Ingredients:

As you will see, I also follow my teacher Dorothy Hall in combining Bach Flower treatments into herbal treatment mixes.

This combination of physical and homeopathic preparations is still regarded as unorthodox or downright sacriligious amongst the purist homeopaths.

However, my 18 years of practice (and Dorothy's 25 years before mine), have supported the value of this approach.

The Herbs in this Osteosarcoma Mix:

Elecampane and Equisetum are both in the mix, providing the healing impetus to stimulate a return to normal bone tissue. Elecampane as a specific bone healing herb, and as a source of allantoin and Vitamin B12, to normalize and speed up repair. Equisetum, as a very high organic silica source to support normal bone growth and to support elimination from bony structures and from the blood.

Yarrow is included as a nervous system tonic, a high iron tonic, an astringent, and as the primary bone marrow tonic, supporting healthy functioning of this tissue throughout the body.

Parsley and Rosehips are included, which between them support the core nervous system energy through the spinal cord and what I call the top end of the immune system, through the Iron, Vitamin C, Copper and Cobalt in the Rosehips. Parsley, in life threatening situations, is able to tap into the physical and nervous system vitality required to "live to fight another day" and contains useful amounts of many minerals besides. Rosehips works as a blood, kidney and liver tonic and assists in the elimination through these systems.

Kelp is included as a source of all trace elements and therefore, if there are individual trace elements involved in the process of cancer in any particular case, can supply these traces. Kelp also supports thyroid function and assists it in re-balancing and tuning up metabolic systems and balance in general.

Golden Seal is included in this particular mixture, primarily to support the health of mucosal tissues, which line the sinus cavities. It also has some anti cancer properties of its own. It is included as a very small component for the reasons given above and is a good illustration of "appropriate dosing" rather than the opposite of "too much of a good thing" which often becomes a bad thing.

I include Maritime Pine (10 %) in the mix as well just in case someone treating their animal does not, for whatever reason, choose to use this herb separately in support of the Osteosarcoma mix. Maritime Pine is critical to the success of the treatment insofar as it supports the bottom end of the immune system, from whence the cancer arose in the first place. I always recommend that this herb be administered separately in larger doses, see below.

Included also within the liquid extract mix are the homeopathic Bach Flower remedies: Oak, Olive, Pine, Water Violet, Walnut and Wild Oat to support very specific aspects of the energy systems of the emotional body which often play a large part in both the original cause of the Cancer and the success of treatment.


Maritime Pine Antioxidant

In all cancer cases I include the super anti-oxidant derived from the fresh sapwood and bark of the Maritime Pine (Pinus Pinaster) tree.
For Osteosarcoma in Dogs I prescribe quite large doses, initially (10 drops twice daily) which can be dropped back to 5 drops twice daily as the cancer goes into remission.


Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy

If your dog is to be treated with Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, I recommend that the specific herbal support mixtures to minimize the detrimental side effects of these protocols be included in the total program. These are described on my website at:
Chemotherapy Support & Radiotherapy Support


The Rise of Canine Cancer

I recommend that you pass on to your Vet the link to my video 'The Rise of Canine Cancer 'which goes further into the generalities of the increasing incidence of cancers amongst our companion dogs.


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