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Alternative medicine is very much do-it-yourself medicine much as was practiced by all those in charge of stock for the past several thousand years. It is only recently that we have been encouraged to leave most of our stock care medical treatments to professionals of one sort or another...

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There are many things we can do for ourselves in cases of accident or injury suffered by our animals to provide immediate assistance and to minimise the distress of the incident. This kit has been put together for those who have some experience with herbs and have the confidence and interest to use in an emergency situation.

I have put together a simple and useful collection of some of the most helpful and important first aid materials in a convenient case which should be taken with us whenever moving or attending to our animals. The utility of each of the individual formulations is discussed separately but briefly the kit consists of the following:

Rescue Remedy 25ml: Used as first aid for shock a few drops directly onto the nose and into the mouth of the dog (and the owner) helps to reduce the panic and stress of shock and aid in settling things down much more quickly for the dog and to assist the owner make better calmer decisions.

Antiseptic/Styptic 25ml: To reduce blood flow and as an immediate antiseptic. For any puncture wound or gash, first wash out with water if possible and pat dry, then apply a squirt of this mixture of Calendula and Yarrow extracts. If it is not possible to wash out the wound then just squirt the mixture into the wound directly. If applied regularly thereafter, whenever tending the wound, it will heal more naturally and quickly from the inside out and scarring will be minimised.

Trauma Mix 50ml: Trauma Mix should be in your first aid kit and carried with you, wherever you go with your dogs.There are major advantages in reducing the shock caused by panic, accident or injury or by any acute illness condition. Homeopathic treatments plus herbal anti-inflammatories and tonics all help the dog recover its physical health quickly from trauma and minimize both short and long term effects on its nervous system. The Trauma Mix includes:- Parsley, Rosehips, Yarrow and White Willow along with the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Typically, these drops are given directly by mouth preceeding any surgery or injection or immediately after any other accident or trauma. The dose should be repeated several times over the next few hours depending on the severity of the shock. A few doses over the following couple of days are usually sufficient to finish the course.

Skin Healing Cream 100gm: This simple cream is the first aid for scratches and burns, including rope burns. The has antiseptic and antifungal properties and includes the herbs:- Chamomile, Horsetail, Calendula, Pine Bark, Slippery Elm and Thuja along with Elecampane to speed healing and minimise scarring.

Anti-Inflammatory 100ml: Herbal medicine throughout the ages had a large number of herbs at its disposal to treat a wide variety of aches and pains and I have chosen a combination of very reliable remedies offering the possibility of reversing the condition altogether. My Anti-Inflammatory formulation contains Devils Claw, White Willow, Guiacum, Burdock, Pine Bark, Elecampane, Yarrow and Rosehips as well as the Bach Flower remedies Honeysuckle, Vine, Walnut and Rescue Remedy. I find this combination very useful and safe in replacing, fully or partially, dependence on pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory and pain killing drugs. This herbal formula may be used in a competitive environment as it is does not show up in drug testing.

Colloidal Silver 200ml: Colloidal Silver is an antibiotic and may be used externally and taken internally. It is particularly valuable to treat exotic hospital based infections and I recommend that it is given as a preventative whenever your dog is taken to the Vet for any surgical procedures. I normally only use the Silver when the usual approaches to infection via immunity support are struggling, but it is valuable as first aid when infection is a risk.

Eyewash 10ml: This concentrated extract is mixed with water and can be used in any eye accident, injury or infection. It must never be administered without dilution but two or three drops in a small amount of water splashed into your dogs eye can very quickly reduce pain, inflammation and begin to cure infection. The same mix is also equally useful for other animals and human use. Regular treatment with this mix will heal ulcers and any number of chronic eye problems.
The Eye Wash Mix Includes:- Celendine, Golden seal, Rue as well as the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy and Crab Apple.

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