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If your dog has this allergy, when they are bitten by a flea, the itching that results is from the injection of saliva. Their reaction is much more severe and prolonged than what “normal” dogs’ exhibit. Most dogs can cope with flea bites, BUT for flea allergic dogs, one bite is one too many.

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A Two part strategy is required;

Part one is to examine and deal with the affected dog’s environment as well all other pets in the home.

Part two is helping your dog after the diagnosis has been made.

Your consultant at McDowell’s Herbal has a range of support options for allergic skin problems in your dog. (The combinations offered depend on each dog’s situation and their allergic / health history.)

The Skin Allergy/Irritation Acute Mix contains a mix of concentrated herbal extracts which, given with food or water, works systemically to reduce the reactivity of the skin and make your dog more comfortable as their system heals.

Your consultant can also provide a Skin Irritant Cream or Skin Healing Cream (for topical application) which aims to heal the damage done to the skin from the irritation and scratching that results as well as reduce the irritation and discomfort that makes dogs want to scratch.

There is also a home remedy that you can use to ease irritation and calm your dog. Simply make up a batch of Chamomile Tea, pour yourself a cup and put the rest in the fridge to cool. When you’ve had your tea, spray or dab the cooled liquid on the irritated areas to reduce redness and cool the inflamed skin.

Finally, if your dog has a chronic irritation, your Herbal consultant might recommend the Blood Poisoning Mix which is employed to eliminate or neutralize toxins in the major organs of the body, especially the skin.

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