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Conjunctivitis merely means inflammation of the conjunctival membrane. The cells of this organ are quite sensitive to many substances. Pollens are the most common agents resulting in an acute allergic reaction. The membrane swells, reddens, produces fluid, and becomes very itchy. Secondary bacterial infection often follows.

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The dog will rub the eyes and can damage the cornea. However the condition may persist as long a the allergens are around ( pollens, dust and other particles will keep on being a problem). If the area is inflamed then the owner can help by carefully sponging down the affected area with salty water and discouraging the animal from rubbing the eye

Conjunctivitis and all other eye infections, irritations and injuries are best treated by providing healing and antiseptic herbs directly to the eye itself. Our eyewash formulation does just this!

McDowells Recommendation

The eyewash mix is made up of equal quantities of the herbs Celandine, Golden Seal and Rue which together are antiseptic, soothing, healing and high in Vitamin A. They also nourish the blood vessels of the eye and reduce the shock that accompanies damage to the eye.

The wash is to be diluted in water using 3 drops only in an egg cup full of water.

The eye wash can be used effectively against corneal problems as well as cataracts.

Removal of irritants or debris is best done by bathing the eye first with Castor Oil before treatment with eye wash.

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