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Our canine friends suffer hugely from any infestation of fleas unfortunately there is very little which is safe and which works to protect dogs from fleas and any of the natural deterrents have to be applied several times per day. Flea Shampoo, Eucalyptus Oil, Combing and perhaps Pyrethrum Sprays are probably the best you can do.

Last century and before, flea control involved the very strong smelling Strewing Herbs like Tansy and Tobacco which were mixed up in bedding to discourage parasites in general. External mixes were made up from boiled up combinations of such herbs and applied on the skin, but these were pretty nasty and smelly and didn't enjoy much popularity as the standard of living improved.

However, if we look at why your dog is particularly susceptible and suffers a much stronger itching response than others, we can improve the situation by giving blood cleansers. The logic runs like this;
1. If your dog seems to be more plagued by fleas than others, then her blood must be particularly attractive.
2. If your dog is more reactive and itchy than others, then the additional toxins injected by the fleas must be stressing her system more than others.
3. Also, we know that itching and scratching is a bodily response trying to either stimulate the blood to clear toxins from under the skin or an attempt to break through the skin to release them to the outside.
4. Therefore, if we can reduce the toxin levels from your dogs blood and at the same time make the blood less palatable, we can probably make a difference.
5. In herbal medicine the powerful blood cleansers are also herbs which are strong and unpleasant in taste. So, if we provide a course of such herbs, we are able to reduce the toxic load in the blood and at the same time make the blood less attractive to parasites.

It is well worth a try and the effects of a blood cleansing treatment can only be positive in any case.

The particular formulation I have in mind is the blood poisoning mix.

If you have had any luck with some home made remedies please share them with us -- Good Luck!



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