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Heartworm is a dangerous condition and difficult to treat.

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Orthodox veterinary medical practitioners normally recommend Arsenic treatment at frightfully expensive prices and then hope for the best.

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Our recommended treatment is based on a concentrated extract of the herb Wormwood and a homeopathic nosode which is specific for the treatment of Heartworms. (I also then hope for the best). 

Our Worming Program consists of 3 products to use together; Worm-A-Void 100ml Dogestive 500gm Ground Millet & Linseed 1kg

The mix includes Wormwood along with the Bach Flowers Crab Apple and Walnut.

If being used as a preventative program, the recommended dose is to give 20 drops twice daily, mixed with feed, for two weeks to start with. Afterwards, 5 to 10 drops (depending on the size of your dog) twice per week as a preventative program.

If using the program as a treatment for an acute case you should give 20 drops twice daily continuously and monitor symptoms, reporting back to me at intervals.

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