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There are many possible detrimental effects on a young pup when it is separated from its mother and siblings, 'processed' in a pet shop or kennel and placed in a new home...

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The total impact of all the changes can lead to nervous habits which can develop early in the pups separation and are really a reflection of the difficulties an individual pup might have in coping with any or all of the list below. Further, the stress of the changes can result in a physical depletion of the pup's immunity which can set the pup up for any number of difficult physical health conditions as well.

The changes which a freshly weaned pup has to cope with, from being separated from its mother to ending up in a new home: 

Recently weaned from its mothers milk. 

  • Dramatic change in diet and perhaps exposed to cows milk which is totally different from dogs milk. 
  • Separation from its siblings which, as a pack animal, can be especially traumatic. 
  • Deprived of its natural exercise pattern which, as a pup, is rolling and playing with its siblings. 
  • Maybe being expected to sleep on its own without the comfort and warmth of its mother and siblings. 

This list does not include travel, vaccinations and other medical procedures and a far greater contact with humans than the pup has probably experienced previously.

The Puppy Program has a combination of simple herbs with nerve tonics, a digestive support and a powerful antioxidant which will help with all aspects of a pup's adjustment greatly both physically and emotionally. This offers a real prospect of avoiding the development of nervous and metabolic habits which are really a reflection of difficulty in coping with any or all of the changes a pup must face.

This program will serve to protect the pups immunity, nervous system and metabolism from any detrimental effects of all the changes demanded of a new pup being separated from its mother and siblings, processed and placed in a new home.

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