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Invertebral Disc disease is a condition in which the cartilaginous disc ruptures and intrudes into the spinal canal between the vertebras & compresses the spinal cord.

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The symptoms you are noticing are therefore caused by the reduction in the Nervous systems ability to provided efficient feedback to particular organs & muscles.

There are two issues here to look at, firstly the degeneration of the nerve supply & the resulting incontinence & lack of muscle control of both sphincters.

To address the degeneration of the spine & its effect on the nervous system I recommend the Spinal Tonic.

This tonic supports the function of the nervous system & supports healing of any physical nervous system injury.

This tonic is the same as I use on my human clients & the dosage for your dog is 10 drops 2x daily.

I also recommend that you try the Incontinence mix.

This mix tones up and soothes the lining of the bladder, reduces acidity in the urine, improves the tone of the bladder sphincter & the anal sphincter, and helps prevent opportunistic infections.

I would also supplement his diet with a porridge of rolled oats & 2 dessertspoons of crushed millet & linseed 1 x daily mixed in watered down yoghurt strengthens the nervous system) into food, to help restore health of hard & soft tissue.

Also stuff a handful of Parsley, 1 Rosehip Teabag & 1 teaspoon of Dandelion tea granules altogether into one cup of boiling water & cool. Just purchase the teas & make 1 cup at a time.

* Parsley supports the nervous system.
* Dandelion tea to support the liver .
* Rosehips tea to support kidney & adrenal function.

Dose half a cup into meal or direct into water supply. Keep fresh drinking water separate & freely available.
Chiropractic or acupuncture therapy can also be beneficial.

Spinal Injury Tonic

Incontinence Mix


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