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My little horse Freddy found some buried wire and skinned his left back leg to the bone.The local vet was called and they arrived after a wait to stitch what they could back on.

On Saturday morning, Freddy was started on a herbal treatment consisting of crushed Tendon and bone mix and dressings using nothing but pure raw honey direct from the hive.

This dressing was changed initially every 3rd day and gradually extended it out to every 4th or 5th. After a period it was left off for a couple of hours while he was in a clean paddock to encourage further growth.

The entire time, he was on Tendon and Bone mix. 

Around the end of June, he began cantering around and hopping on and off banks with no apparent problem.

I have since started riding him again and there is no hesitation or favoritism on the leg at all and hopefully in the next couple of months if all goes well will be able to start his jumping.

The best thing I can say to anyone should they ever encounter this is to be patient.

Have the wound stitched and treated by your vet initially but get a supply of this asap, start feeding it and order the extract too.

My experience could have been devastating had I not known of McDowell from a previous horse injury [bowed tendon] and the knowledge that the herbal treatments are beneficial and work. The staff are fantastic and their knowledge of the various herbs and tonics impressive.


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