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Heart murmurs found in dogs are often nothing more than a defect in a valve which has been there since birth and not picked up until a checkup of some sort. However, murmurs can also signify that the heart has been put under strain from some illness, or that the nerve signals or the heart muscle itself, are deteriorating, especially in an older dog.

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We offer a safe and reliable herbal treatment which works directly to tune up an underfunctioning heart. McDowell's herbal treatments  have used this mix successfully with many human patients over two decades.  These patients report noticable reduction in angina pain and increasing ability to excercise. We expect similar outcomes for your dog.

The mixture consists of an extract of a particular Ccctus in combination with an extract of fresh Hawthorn leaves, along with the Bach Flowers Oak and Rescue Remedy. Together, these herbs work to regulate and strengthen the electric signals to the heart, the heartbeat, and to nourish and strengthen the heart muscle itself.

If it is established that there is some damage or degenerative heart condition beyond normal ageing, we can provide a Heart Repair Formulation which is a modification of the standard Heart Tonic but also has additional specific ingredients aimed at nourishing the organ and boosting the system.  

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