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Kennel Cough is a respiratory disease that is highly contagious among dogs. It is spread when dogs come in contact with other dogs who carry the bacteria (and may be asymptomatic) so it's commonly spread at kennels, grooming parlours and busy dog walking areas. There's no specific test that's carried out but more of a process of exclusion. Most dogs recover but it may impact some older dogs and puppies.

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Symptoms of kennel cough include:

  • Dry persisant cough
  • Tired and lethargic
  • More nose discharge than usual
  • 'Gunky' eyes
  • Fever

Now that antibiotics are less effective, we have to go back to the 'old fashioned' way of treating chest and respiratory infections which involve supporting the bodies immunity; breaking down and clearing infected material; introducing natural antibiotics; normalizing mucous membranes; strengthening the coughing reflex; and providing natural sources of Vitamin C and iron.

McDowells Treatment

All this sounds like a lot, but McDowells have a Kennel Cough treatment which contains the herbs

  • Rosehips - Iron and Vitamin C also some Copper
  • Garlic, a natural antibiotic, contains sulfur,
  • Fenugreek, a lymphatic stimulant, sinus tonic, source of Vitamin A),
  • Marshmallow (expectorant and soothing tonic for mucous membranes),
  • Elecampane (allantoin (healing agent) and chest muscle tonic),
  • Coltsfoot (expectorant), Kelp (trace elements and expectorant)
  • Yarrow (Iron and Bone Marrow tonic),
  • Mullein (Mucosal tonic and antiseptic)
  • All extracted into Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - organic acids and astringent tonic 

The result a herbal kennel cough mix which gets rid of the cough and by continuing for several weeks after the cough has gone it continues to build up the overall immunity too.

We recommend it is kept on hand and given to the whole kennel at any signs of cough showing up, at which time all dogs should be given a short course.

This is healthy, preventative medicine. Your animals cannot become immune to it, it doesn't create drug resistant infective agents and it even works against the super bugs we have managed to produce through the abuse of antibiotics.

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