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Herbal approaches to parasites all revolve around discouraging rather than killing the parasites. Also herbs provide support for your dogs own systems defences. 

I prescribe individual formulations in a concentrated extract form and these are mixed with Vinegar and or with ethylated Spirit and sprayed onto affected areas after wetting down.

The spray includes Wormwood, Tansy, Thuja and Male Fern along with the Bach Flowers Crab Apple and Impatiens.

The herbal agents are carried down the hair to the skin and remain as a residue providing a most discouraging environment to parasites.

This approach is similar to the herbal approach to worming and leaves the animal's skin and defences healthy and much more able to repel and resist any parasitic attacks in the future.

McDowells solution

The Midge-away formula was developed in response to those seeking a 100% natural NON-TOXIC solution to dealing with flying insects and annoying midges.

The product is exceedingly safe to use, non toxic and when used correctly helps to discourage insects landing on your dogs coat. The product can also be used as an environment spray.

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