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Chronic inner ear infections do plague some dogs more than others. Dogs with floppy ears, Cocker Spaniels, Vizlas, Poodles, Blood Hounds, Dachsunds and Setters for example, are more prone to regular infections. 

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Chronic ear infections are a serious condition and can lead to hearing loss. Severe ear infections may cause the eardrum to rupture. The pus will then start to drain out into the ear canal.

There are three types of ear infections;

1. Otitis externa
2. Otitis media, and
3. Otitis interna

The name reflects the location of the infection - external, middle ear and internal. The most common is Otitis Externa. The infection can spread from the external ear deeper in the ear.

Otitis media and interna can be very serious and may result in deafness, facial paralysis, and vestibular signs. That’s why it’s important to prevent infections and seek early treatment when problems arise.

Some causes include the dog always being wet, parasites, allergies and growths. 

Signs of a Chronic Ear Infection:

  • Whining and signs of pain
  • Excesssive scratching at head and ears
  • Excessive head shaking
  • An odour coming from the ear
  • Pus and fluid in the ear
  • Crust or Scabs in the ear
  • Inflammation within the ear

These symptoms are can also be associated with signs of upper respiratory infection. 

The McDowells Treatment Program

The best approach is to start on a course of the Chronic Ear Infection Program.

Our Ear Infections Program contains two effective products; one to use internally and the second to use inside the ear.
There are internal formula contains seven herbs, four of which are directed at rehabilitating past damage. The others are to clear the current infection, the waste products of past infection, and to reduce over-sensitivity.
The internal mix is an effective combination to force the fungi into dormancy and will dry out the canal and leave a fine layer of acetic acid on the skin of the canal along with a residue of this formula.

Every time your dog gets some fresh water in the ear you can repeat the treatment for a few days and drive the fungal back into dormancy.

In cases where there has been a great deal of antibiotic therapy, Colloidal Silver may be required to deal with resistant infection created by the exposure to antibiotics.



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