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Rosehips are the seed pod of the rose (also called rose haw or rose hep) and are in the same family as apples and crab apples! Rosehips are one of the very best sources of natural iron and vitamin C.

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Rosehips are an excellent mild blood cleanser, support ciruclatory health, adrenal health and connective tissue health.

Rosehips is an excellent source of organic iron compounds and it is higher in Vitamin C than almost any other natural substance. Because the Vitamin C is formed and stored by nature and partnered with Iron, Copper and a trace of Cobalt the Vitamin C is what is termed bio available. This allows it to be absorbed and utilised much more effectively than any manufactured ascorbate Vitamin C.

Rosehips therefore supply antioxidant actively to racing canines to assist in clearing the high levels of free radicals generated by 'excessive' physical exercise. Rosehips are also a major Kidney and Adrenal Tonic and an effective Liver Tonic.

Rosehips play a major role in kidney rehabilitation and adrenal function.  Routine usage will help to rehabilitate kidneys weakened by stress and/or the regular use of electrolytes or diuretics.


Rosehips can be made into a tea by mixing 2 dessertspoons of granules into 1 liter of boiling water and this let steep until cool. This tea can then be split in half and used to dampen down the morning and evening feeds. The dosage for a horse in work is one litre per day, fed grounds and all.

Dose rate is 1 teaspoon made into a tea with 1 cup of boiling water and given with feed. 

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