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Cushing’s, which is also known as hypercortisolism and hyperadrenocorticism and your dog’s body makes too much of a hormone called cortisol. 

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There are three types of Cushing’s disease, each of which has a different cause. Identifying the cause is important because each type is treated differently, and each has a different prognosis (expected outcome).

The McDowells Program

The McDowells program for treating Cushing's Disease is to provide our metabolic reconditioning mix Canine Conditioning along with a specific mix directed at the adrenal malfunction, which underlies Cushings. 

My Cushings Disease mix contains Maritime Pine Bark extract, a super antioxidant to assist in re-establishing normal autoimmune function and reversing any cancerous growth if present. In addition, I include the herbs; Borage, Liquorice, Chaste Berry, Rosehips and Elecampane for additional support to the kidneys and adrenals as well as the Bach Flowers Wild Rose, Scleranthus and Water Violet.

The combination of the Cushing's Disease Support and the Canine Conditioning Mix, will be equally effective in treating Cushing's Symptoms whether resulting from a tumour, an overdose of cortisone or a generalised metabolic imbalance due to other causes.




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