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The wetting patterns of Greyhound Racing Dogs are often the first indications of something going wrong with their health.

Wetting in the Kennel:

The Greyhound, by nature, is a fastidious animal and will only wet in its kennel if it absolutely cannot help itself. Therefore, if a dog begins to wet in the kennel it is time to look very hard at what might be going wrong. This sort of wetting is most often a sign of Kidney or Bladder problems and could be an infection or irritation in the Bladder or the earliest signs of Kidney problems. Some of the herbs included in the mixtures I prepare for such problems are; Garlic to help clear active infective material; Echinacea to clear residues of previous infections; Uva Ursi and Buchu to soothe and rehabilitate the lining of the Bladder and the Urethra and to clean the blood; Couch Grass to help tone up the Bladder Sphincter; Rosehips and Dandelion for Kidney and Liver health and for Vitamin C and Iron. Giving Electrolytes and Diuretics just aggravate the problem by artificially stimulating the Kidneys and thereby weakening them.

Water Diabetes:

This condition has nothing to do with Diabetes as suffered by humans which is related to the functioning of the pancreas. The only similarity is that diabetes sufferers become unaturally thirsty and pass excessive amounts of urine. This is the attempt by the body to flush out excess blood sugar accumulating because of the malfunction of the Pancreas. In dogs excessive thirst and wetting is a sign that the Kidneys are beginning to break down and require urgent help. Mostly there are earlier signs of problems such as wetting in the Kennel as discussed above which have been ignored or miss treated.
Nervous Wetting:

All dogs, and most of us, are able to lose control of our bladder when especially nervous or frightened for example. Nervous wetting is more common in bitches than in dogs and it may be something to do with the length of the Ureter (the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder) and the difference in the natures of the two sexes. Excessive wetting of this sort is really an indication of a fearfulness and should be treated with Nervous Episode Tonic. Treatment and Handling is also very important and excessive wetting might be a sign that something in your handling and training techniques are making your dogs excessively fearful or apprehensive. The modern Greyhound is bred to be pretty much on its toes and the breed is a nervy breed anyway, and so it is sometimes tricky to balance this out with an overly nervous disposition which will produce fearful or apprehensive wetting.
Unable to Empty:

Quite often dogs, especially younger ones, can have great difficulty starting or maintaining a flow of urine especially when excited or after a run. You can see them trying and straining and in distress. This usually eases after some time has passed. This condition is really due to an engorgement (swelling) of the prostate gland which encircles the ureter just below the Bladder. It is rather like the male of our species having difficulty in passing urine after ejaculation. If a dog is routinely distressed in this way and doesn't quickly grow out of it, I prescribe herbs which allow the prostate gland to relax and soften in much the same way as I treat human prostate problems. Usually I also include herbs and homeopathic treatments for the nervous system also as the over excitement is part of the problem.
Notice how your dogs wetting patterns change and use these changes to make early diagnosis of problems.
My standard Kidney Rehabilitation formula is always my first response to wetting problems. It is cheap and simple to administer and the results can be seen in the first 10 days normally. 

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