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We all see the process of scarring every time our horse cuts or injures itself or is bitten or kicked by one of its companions. We also know that scarring tends to fade over time and even the most horrendous looking injuries can reduce to relatively minor scarring just by the passage of time.

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Generally after about 12 months the fading stops and the condition of the scar at that stage is what your horse is left with.

There is a great deal of experience throughout history of using herbal support to minimise scarring, mostly in people rather than in animals of course. I find myelf working with show horse owners to further reduce old scarring or to work during the healing pocess of the injury itself to absolutely minimise scarring and to do this better, and in a fraction of the time, than if the injury is left to nature to heal.

The essential ingredient to such scar minimisation is the herb Elecampane which has been used forever for healing because of its ability to speed up cell replication. If the scar is massaged daily with a cream containing Elecampane the massage stimulates blood supply to the scar tissue itself and the elecampane supports the replacement of scar tissue cells with normal cells over time.

I go quite a lot further than using Elecampane alone and I make up a Scar Healing Oil which will dramatically speed the healing and reduction of scarring. It is a super concentrated oil and herb combination which contains the following ingredients; Maritime Pine Antioxidant, Equisetum, Elecampane, Arnica, Rosemary, Cajuput and Linseed.

This combination combines irritant and healing qualities which accelerate, to an absolute maximum, the resolution of scarring.

The irritant ingredients are included to enhance the circulation through scar tissue and to assist in the breakdown of this dense tissue which may then be replaced with normal cells. It is a very strong preparation and you should not try to make it up yourself because the quantities of each ingredient are critical. It must be applied very sparingly and rubbed along the line of the scar itself, and nowhere else, once per day.

Keep this up as a routine and you will see improvements within a few weeks only, and over a period of 3 or 4 months you will not believe the results.

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