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For some horses, travelling can be a stressful, even traumatic, event. 

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Prolonged panic can affect the adrenals, thyroid and kidneys. This can impair the immune system due to the trauma of travel.

Travel tips:

  • Try to keep sheets, blankets and other protective wear to a minimum in warm or hot weather and keep the horses as well-ventilated as possible.
  • Giving hay during the trip can keep a horse occupied, as well as minimise 
  • Travelling during the day can be less stressful for some horses - the light on on coming traffic and headlights can be frightening
  • Take frequent breaks every hours or so. Let your horse have a break from balancing and constant movement and noise
  • Have the horses regular feed and water ready on arrival

McDowells product

Travel Well was developed in consideration of those horses that may be travelling interstate or overseas and may be susceptible to travel sickness and stress. These consist of herbal extracts or decoctions to build up an animal's nervous system reserves, to ensure it is in the best possible shape to cope with the stress of travel.

The herbs in this tonic were traditionally used to support the nervous system and address adrenal exhaustion, prevent kidney stress, along with nourishing the heart.

Can be added to feed

Fermented tonic to support a healthy microbiota
100% chemical free
Can be safely given alongside veterinary medications

Both the standard blend and any variation of same, is given for three or four days prior to a trip, during the trip, for the time away, and continued for a day or so after returning home.

After a couple of full courses it is usually sufficient to give it the night before, during the trip, and upon arrival.

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