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Unusual nervousness, can be triggered by small incidents, accidents and operations. Herbs nourish, strengthen and re-balance the nervous system so that once an anxious horse calms down he no longer reacts to things around him...stock chestnuthorse SMLL

The actions of sedatives and tranquilizers on the horse's nervous system are completely different, as they simply block nervous system responses for as long as the drug remains in the horse's system. This is why they are a "one-time fix" instead of an overall cure. In a nervous horse, a tranquilizer will dull his reactions and make him physically unable to jump around. The right herb will mean the nervous horse will no longer want to jump around.

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This works to strengthen the nervous system itself. You can slowly begin to re-introduce the horse to the situation that triggers any nervousness. Do only a little at a time after about 3 weeks. We suggest you take it slowly if the horse was apprehensive to begin with.

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This tonic is formulated with herbs that have traditionally been used to nourish and calm the nervous disposition of horses that seem to be overly anxious in their home or when introduced to new stimulus. This formulation will need to be given for a min of 3 weeks, and can be maintained long term if necessary.

It is a fermented tonic to support a healthy microbiota, 100% chemical free calmer and safe to give long term. It is added to their feed and can be safely given alongside veterinary medications.

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