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Swelling of the leg, or legs, in horses may be present in one or all four. Swollen legs have a variety of causes. 

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The symptoms of swollen legs shows evidence that the horse fighting some sort of infection in the body. The swelling legs indicate that the lymphatic system is not working as well as it should.

Types of swelling:

  • Edema
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Cellulitis
  • Lymphangitis
  • Suspensory injuries
  • Windgalls
  • Arthritritic

Symptoms of swollen legs:

  • Legs feel warm to the touch and appear thicker and swollen
  • Lameness or reluctance to walk

McDowells recommendations

Walking the horse by hand several times a day is a good way to get s an excellent way move the accumulated fluid out of the limb. h

Hydrotherapy - hosing with cold water (or swimming in the ocean if you can!) - can be very helpful. Alternating warm and cold water can also be effective.

McDowells products

As this type of swelling is due to an upset in the lymphatic system usually brought on by an infection of some kind, I recommend Infect-A-Clear. This will also boost the immunity. Robust immune systems routinely eliminate infective and metabolic waste as part of a healthy system. A system that is overloaded with inflammation, infection or metabolic waste has a much harder time recovering. The herbs in this mix have been traditionally used to stimulate the horse‚Äôs own natural elimination which may help to clear these naturally occurring metabolites thereby improving the immune system's response

Hoof Heel
This is a powerful herbal blend that will promote circulation in the lower limb. This oil-based treatment is a mixture of herbal oils and extracts which warm and bring circulation to all tissue and bone in the area. It assists with healing both bones and ligament attachments and any other damage, while improving circulation dramatically and reducing inflammation. Also assists to ease pain associated with Founder, Pedal Osteitis, Navicular Disease and Sesamoiditis.

Rosehip Tea
Rosehip tea is made by soaking a 1/4 cup of rosehip granules in a pint of boiling water and leaving it until cold. When cold, the tea (grounds and all), is used to dampen down dried feed in the morning and evening. Use twice daily if possible. 

Fenugreek tea
Traditionally McDowells Herbal use fenugreek as lymphatic detoxifier. In Ayurveda, fenugreek in curries has a reputation for clearing the sinus and causes sweating (febrifuge) so for this reason McDowells sinus formulas always contain it. I recommend that you add the fenugreek tea into the feed. This tea will help to support the lymphatic system. Simply mix 2 dessert spoons to 1 Litre boiling water, cool and mix in 1/2 AM feed the rest PM feed every day.

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