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Robust immune and elimination systems should actively and positively discharge waste products of infection and inflammation. 

Less robust systems will try to function with a toxic load in the blood and will deal with these toxins by storing such products in cysts just under the skin and/or promote elimination through boils or sores.

Our powerful blood cleanser contains a class of herbs called alteratives which are particularly high in iron and sulphur and work to support the blood in a number of ways. Other herbs included in the mixture will break down the walls of cysts, aid the lymphatics, kidneys and liver and assist in driving toxins out through the skin and kidneys.

The Blood Cleanser Mix includes Garlic, Elecampane, Echinacea, Nettle, Maritime Pine, Yarrow, Kelp, Violet Leaves, Horseradish, Horsetail, Red Clover and Rosehips along with the Bach Flowers Crab Apple and Rescue Remedy.

The treatment is to be administered at a dose of 20 mls for the first 10 days syringed over the tongue or mixed with water into feed, twice a day. After the initial booster the dose may be reduced to 10 mls twice per day.

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