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Horses seem to regularly injure themselves and each other! Owners often joke about how a horse will find the only exposed nail or tin in the whole paddock...

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The Skin Healing Cream is designed to follow first aid treatment of a wound, scrape or other damage to the skin. 

When a wound is fresh, it is best to apply the Topical Wound to stop bleeding and protect against infection. Afterward the Skin Healing Cream protects against secondary fungal infection and promotes quick healing with minimal scarring.

This cream contains significant amounts of the herb Elecampane which has the capacity, with regular application, to actually reduce the amount of scarring. Elecampane assists in normalising cells and even scar tissue cells are renewed on a regular basis along with blood cells and bone cells. In the presence of Elecampane scar tissue can slowly be replaced, at least in part, by normal tissue.

The other ingredients include Chamomile, Horsetail, Calendula, Pine Bark, Slippery Elm and Thuja along with the Bach Flowers Walnut, Crab Apple and Rescue Remedy. 

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