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I have a wonderful herbal Eye Wash formulation that addresses inflammation dramatically and slows cataract progression; it will also cure any infection and support the health of the eye itself. You need to begin with this urgently. The treatment supplied is immediately beneficial for all eye infections, medical conditions and injuries and is based around the herbs Celandine, Golden Seal and Rue along with the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy and Crab Apple.  These remedies together, are antiseptic and high in Vitamin A, they also nourish the blood circulation within the eye and reduce the shock that accompanies injury. 

The eye wash is in the form of a concentrate, so it is important to dilute it with 3 drops only in a small quantity of luke warm water or colloidal silver 20ml more or less. Then the diluted wash may be gently syringed over the eye twice daily to begin with.

To assist with the stress of the condition, dose the horse with Rescue remedy 20 minutes prior to each eye application.  Just pull out the lower lip and place a good squirt into the mouth. After each eyewash, reward the horse with a treat like carrot or garlic dipped in molasses.

After a couple of months of twice daily application, I would be interested to reassess the case and perhaps make further recommendations. 

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