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I am now finding an increasing tendency toward Bladder, Kidney and Liver problems which I ascribe to both more sensitive nervous constitutions steming from lifestyle and the commercially prepared mixes and non organic grains and feed now available for horses.

In years past, before we kept horses in artificial environments, they roamed free across large tracts of land, and kept themselves healthy by grazing on a large variety of grasses, grains, herbs, and other seasonal plants. Because they had freedom of choice, they followed their instincts to eat the plants they needed for certain times of the year (breeding, coming up to hard winters, etc.), and 'self-medicated' for any salts, minerals or deficiencies to deal with existing or impending health or injury problems. As described in articles A herbalists View on Vitamins and Minerals for Horses and What are we doing to our horses health?

This bladder/ kidney stone mix will act to assist the removal of any bladder gravel and infection while rehabilitating the Kidneys (as well as support the Liver) it includes:- Alfalfa, Buchu, Dandelion, Rosehips, Uva Ursi, Pellitory of the Wall, Couch Grass and Broom as well as the Bach Flowers Wild Rose, Rock Water, Vine, Oak, Willow and Rescue Remedy.

Kidney health and vitality can be restored or maintained by Mixing cold Rosehips Tea in drinking water, by feeding or allowing access to a little fresh Dandelion regularly along with about 20ml of Apple Cider Vinegar.

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