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Greasy Heel has to be seen as a situation where the horses body is trying to clear up a general toxicity, and since the circulation is often compromised in the lower limb due to general inflammation in this area, the system uses the mechanism of discharging waste products through the skin.

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In this case, a course of blood cleansers is often indicated, along with a topical ointment. 

Serious cases of greasy heel often have a photo sensitive element. For this reason, using a clay poultice on the white areas is very useful, as is keeping the horse out of long wet grass, particularly in summer.

Nutritional supplementation with our Tendon and Bone treatment can also aid and speed healing in the worst cases, along with a course of blood cleansers and the topical ointment.

This topical ointment is designed to relieve inflamed tissue, aid the natural cleansing processes and has anti fungal and anti septic properties. The Greasy Heal ointment uses a Paw Paw base and includes the herbs Calendula, Thuja, Tumeric, and Golden Seal, it also includes Tea Tree Oil, Palma Rosa Oil and Bach Flowers Crab Apple, Rescue Remedy and Walnut.

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