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As part of all ligament and bone related problems in the lower limb of your horse, we formulated an oil to be applied to the hoof during treatment. This hoof oil contains herbs that dramatically improve circulation to the hoof and therefore right down through limb. It is the paucity of circulation that allows degenerative conditions to occur and makes them difficult and slow to heal.

This oil-based treatment is a mixture of herbal oils and extracts which heats and brings circulation to all tissue and bone in the area. Also assists to ease pain associated with Founder, Pedal Osteitis, Navicular Disease and Sesamoiditis.

Other specific herbs in the hoof oil (Elecampane, Bladderack, Equisetum, Wintergreen, Arnica and White Willow) are driven directly into the hoof to support healing processes.

This very same hoof oil, due to its effectiveness has gone on to become the basis for our yoga oil and athletes oil. Everyone should have it on hand for damage to muscles, ligaments and joints.

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