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Following a life trauma or serious accident during work, the nerve cells and plexuses of the central nervous sytem and peripheral nervous system and their surrounding sheaths may be damaged, this may result in nervous over-stimulation, irritation or numbness.

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A nerve cell (neuron) consists of a large cell body and nerve fibers axons for sending impulses and dendrites for receiving impulses. Each large axon is surrounded by oligodendrocytes in the brain and spinal cord and by Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system. The membranes of these cells consist of a fat (lipoprotein) called myelin. The membranes are wrapped tightly around the axon, forming a multilayered sheath. This myelin sheath resembles insulation, such as that around an electrical wire. Nerve impulses travel much faster in nerves with a myelin sheath than in those without one. If the myelin sheath of a nerve is damaged, nerve transmission slows or stops.

Some spinal nerves form networks of interwoven nerves, called nerve plexuses. In a plexus, nerve fibers from different spinal nerves are sorted and recombined so that all fibers going to or coming from one area of a specific body part are put together in one nerve .

The herbal mix includes Mugwort, Hypericum, Equisetum, Elecampane, Sage, Ginseng and Parsley along with the Bach Flowers Oak, Wild Rose, Clematis and Rescue Remedy. Together these herbs are able to improve nerve impulses, repair damaged sheaths, increase energy to nerve plexuses, accurately replicate cells and improve cerebral blood flow.

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