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Arthritis and Rheumatism are conditions which affect the joints and connective tissue surrounding the joints. These can be caused from environmental factors such as wear and tear or injury, or from autoimmune disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis...

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The treatment plan which we would recommend is dependant on the severity and the cause of the arthritis and the duration your horse has been suffering the disease for. We have three main products which we recommend.

In cases where your horses lameness has been short and the severity is not too great than I recommend you start with the Tendon and Bone. This mix will help with some of the repair work in that joint. This formula of Millet and linseed, yarrow, elecampane, horsetail and kelp accelerates cell renewal by up to three times the normal rate and strengthens the integrity of all connective tissue. 

We usually find it takes a good 4 weeks to really begin seeing results and then they are quite subtle but at the six week mark generally, some good positive signs happen. During this time it is also not unusual to see a period of increased soreness as processes are stirred up slightly. This is usually around the 3-4 week mark and only lasts a couple of days to a week at the most.

The other part of the arthritis program is the Alleviate. This anti-inflammatory aids in the pain management of arthritis, so it does not mask the pain like Bute does, but reduces the inflammation so your horse can be more comfortable. This mix includes Devil’s Claw, White Willow, Guiacium, Yarrow, Maritime pine Bark, Rosehips, Elecampane and Burdock with appropriate Bach flowers. All these herbs not only reduce inflammation and pain but assist in the healing process which will help reverse the underlying condition. These formulations may be used safely for both emergencies and in the long term for comfort. It provides relief and still allows you gauge the rate of healing well.

In severe and long term cases Rheuma-Eze should be added to the above program. This product does a job on the blood chemistry which is behind the rheumatism as well as working on the bone changes which are behind arthritis. The herbs extracted into organic cider vinegar reduce inflammation and stimulate circulation, detoxify the blood creating metabolic balance and removing the under pinning cause of the arthritis.

Results will quickly show as an improvement in comfort and performance in the short term and a reversal of the condition with continued use.

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