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The placenta in mares are normally expelled within 3 hours after birth. Some mares with retained afterbirth can become toxic and may even die without intervention. The cause of placental retention is unknown but is the most common post-partum complication in mares.

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There are no herbs to expel retained afterbirth in mares. We recommend our Brood mare mix which tones the uterus prepares for foaling. Ideally you would begin this treatment pre-pregnancy through to post-pregnancy. This blend of herbs is designed to improve or restore fertility and normalize the mare's heat cycle, to protect and develop the foetus, and to tone up the uterus for ease of foaling.

The overall aim of this treatment is to help the mare produce a strong healthy foal with no problems each time, while prolonging and facilitating her breeding career by maintaining her own reproductive and general health and condition.

Alternatively you can make up a raspberry leaf tea by boiling a cupful of raspberry leaves in a jug of water, cool off divide into 3 portions & use as a drench 3x daily. This will condition and tone the uterus. 

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