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Skin problems are mainly a reflection of internal conditions and therefore internal support treatments are necessary to completely resolve the problems. Often the initial reason for a chronic itch in a horse starting off with a sensitive skin is some sort of metabolic stress.

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This results in toxins being deposited under the skin out of the way of the main circulatory system. These toxins degrade the health of the skin locally. Then an external irritation is triggered by insect bites or rubbing and maybe perpetuated by mites or fungal infection taking up residence in the area where the skin has been injured. The condition becomes chronic as more and more irritation and inflammation causes more and more blood toxins to be produced.

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Aller-GG includes Chamomile, Euphorbia, Fenugreek, Garlic, Horse Radish, Kelp, Maritime Pine Bark, Marshmallow, Mullein, Nettle, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Rosehips, Vervain, Yarrow, Blue Flag extract, Dr Bach™ Flowers; Impatiens, Rescue Remedy ™.

These herbs act together as a comprehensive blood cleanser for a horse who started out being a little sensitive in the first place and this tendency was exacerbated over time resulting in a chronic skin irritation/ allergy situation. Through the cleansing and calming actions of this mix your horses sensitivity to all manner of irritation and allergens will be reduced permanently.

The Skin Irritant cream is best suited to resolve current sensitivity, itching and irritation as well as promote healing of recent damage. These ingredients will reduce inflammation in the nerve endings feeding the skin cells themselves whilst also discouraging secondary fungal infestation, often involved in perpetuating skin problems.

The mix includes concentrated extracts of the herbs Calendula, Pine Bark, Elecampane, Thuja, Chamomile and Vervain along with the Bach Flowers Walnut, Crab Apple, Impatiens and Rescue Remedy in an Aqueous Cream base. This treatment is most effectively used in conjunction with one of the internal treatments.

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