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I recommend this program to protect your animal against contracting one of these 'super bugs' while undergoing surgery, intravenous treatment or otherwise staying over at a Veterinary Hospital. It can be started before the planned medical procedure or surgery and will also be helpful in treating an active Golden Staph type infection. 

The internal dosage is given above. Just measure the prescribed amount of Colloidal Silver into a container, add 5 or 10 drops of the Thuja mix as directed, and syringe it directly into the animals mouth. If being used as a protective prior to surgery for example, start the dose a week before admission, insist on it being given right through the stay in hospital (there are no possible conflicts with any other medications) and continue it through for 2 weeks after discharge. If you are using the program to clear up an existing case of Golden Staph, start internal and external treatment immediately and continue it for 4 weeks after all signs of the infection have disappeared.

The Thuja mix includes:- Thuja, Parsley, Rosehips, Garlic, Cactus and Hawthorn along with the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy and Oak.

The very same treatment is also applied topically to any surface lesions. A 5 or 10ml batch of Colloidal Silver to which 10 drops of the Thuja Mix is made up fresh before each application. It is applied to the lesions preferably dropped directly onto the skin with an eye dropper. The area is best left to dry naturally before covering.

If this program does not completely clear the infection, you should get back to me for further specific advice and treatment.

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