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Eye infections, irritations and injuries are best treated by providing antiseptic and nourishing herbs directly to the eye itself, to support speedy healing. 

Eye infections, irritations and injuries can be soothed by providing traditionally antiseptic and nourishing herbs (diluted) directly to the eye itself. This reliable formula includes antiseptic herbs like Celandine which contains high levels of natural Vitamin A. Diluted application helps to nourish tissue directly and may assist to ease trauma and prevent infection.

These remedies together, are antiseptic and high in Vitamin A, they also nourish the blood circulation within the eye and reduce the shock that accompanies injury.

The Wash is to be used diluted in water: 4 drops only in an egg cup full of water. This can be dropped a little at a time into the horse's eye or maybe better still, sprayed, as a soft mist from a small pump Blend, like a perfume pump.

If one half of the batch is applied n the morning and the other half applied in the evening for two weeks and once a day after that you should notice a reversal of both the irritation and any cataract growth taking place.

This herbal eye wash tonic is the best treatment for Uveitis as it directly improves the health and the circulation within the eye.

Removal of irritants or debris is best done by bathing the eye first, with Castor Oil, before treatment with the eye wash.

Caution: The Eye Wash is a super concentrated extract mix and must only used diluted as it is too strong for direct application.

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