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Ulcers are very much like the lumps and bumps and represent your horse's system packaging up blood toxins into little cysts. Over the body there is little chance to release this material through the skin in the short term but on the lips it can more easily break out through the skin in the form of small sores and ulcers.

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The presence of these toxins so close to the skin also make that skin more sensitive and attractive to insects so it is not a matter of the horse being allergic but rather its blood being more tasty.

I would recommend nothing externally beyond a simple pawpaw ointment to sooth and seal the lip ulcers while we wait for the blood cleansing herbs to do their job.

I would further recommend that you ceased all cortisone shots and other veterinary medicines and also all prepared feed and put your horse back onto green pick and clean chaff and hay.

The only two other supplements would be:

1. Feed cold rosehips tea which you can make up and use to dampen feed twice a day (about of pint each time would be great). The rosehips is high in Iron and Vitamin C but its main task in this instance is that it is a blood cleanser and a powerful Kidney tonic as the kidneys clear the wastes from the blood (along with the Liver).

2. Also you might care to push a good quantity of fresh garlic corms into a tub of molasses and allow them to soak. While the fresh garlic oil is extracting into the molasses you should use a half a cup of it to add to water and make up the balance of the fluid used to dampen feed. The molasses is high in iron and sulphur and so is the garlic and so supports oxidation and blood cleansing. Additionally, the garlic is a natural selective antibiotic which will protect your horse from any infection but not prevent the natural infective processes your body uses to help expel toxins.

This program will certainly resolve the problem completely and quickly and you will have taken the first step in do it yourself herbal medicine.

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